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Spring Accessories Giveaway- JORD watch

One of my the many joys of being a style blogger is that I get to bring you the latest and greatest trends in fashion. As a true style hunter & fashion lover I get great joy from helping you perfect your wardrobe for your everyday life. Today, I am showing off my new favorite accessory trend & giving you some free dollars towards it as well.  Let me introduce you to one of the hottest new accessories around  JORD watches...
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Dressing with the Color Wheel 101

If you haven’t noticed, spring is around the corner; and that means warmer temperatures not only outside but also in your wardrobe. I love black & wear it all year round but there is something about warm days & more sunlight that makes me want to dabble into some pretty colors. I don’t wear much pink, but I love this pink trench coat I picked up last year & how it's the perfect shade for some color mixing. 

The 10 Day Wardrobe Challenge

As a wardrobe stylist, there are a few things I hear all the time: "Only you can wear that", "I'm not sure what to wear with this color" and "I wish you could dress me everyday" ... well consider this your lucky day. On Monday, March 6th I'll be hosting a wardrobe challenge in my facebook group that will do 3 things:

1. Help you think outside the box with your wardrobe
2. Give you a peek into how I plan & create outfits
3. Help you wear more of your clothes (you know all those items in the back of the closet you cant figure out how to wear).

This facebook challenge was designed because I see that people need a little nudge in thier personal style when it comes to creating outfits on an everyday basis & thinking outside of their wardrobe box. 

Would you have guessed my D.I.Y. turban was actually a scarf I normally wore around my neck? I decided to get a little adventurous & this idea literally changed the whole look of my outfit. That's …

Winter to Spring Wardrobe- The Long Cardigan

The weather lately has been unseasonably warm & its caused us all to have to frantically rethink our wardrobe. Mid-February is normally for heavy coats & snow storms in many part of the US but this February we have been blessed with some bare leg, leather coat weather & I’m not complaining.  One item the fashion world is completely loving right now is the long cardigan. Lately I've been into big comfy but stylish sweaters so the extra long cardigan sweater that's in now is right up my alley. This trend is perfect for the current weather because it can be worn instead of a coat on the 60 degree days that have become common. 

5 Clothing Items you Can Wear in Every Season

Hey winter 2017, what exactly are you doing? This winter has been all over the place; and unless you have been living under a rock I know you have noticed the drastic changes in temperatures. One week its snowing & 30 degrees, the next week its 60 & feels like an amazing spring day. 

 I for one am always on top of the weather (I religiously watch the weather app to know what to wear the next day) so I'm always prepared; but what makes me even more prepared is having items in my closet I can wear in any season. 

That may sound impossible, but trust me, it's not. It's more than possible to fill your closet with clothes that can truly be worn year round. We'll leave the coats and knee boots for the winter & the sandals and jean shorts for the summer but take a look at some versatile pieces you can wear in all four seasons below...

Winter 2017’s hottest trend- Faux Fur

--- FUR STOLE, nordstrom rack - LEATHER JACKET, Express (similar here) - JEANS, 
Forever 21 (similar here) - HAT, (similar here) - SHOES, Nine West ---

When you think about winter fashion, there's nothing greater than a trend to keep you in style and warm & toasty at the same time. Trends like this are a fashionistas gold mine because often, trendy pieces either leave you uncomfortable (think stilettos), broke (designer brands) or freezing in the winter (super cute leather coats). 
But it's time out for sacrificing for fashion, at least with the latest trend- The stole… otherwise known as a fur collar. The stole is this winter’s must have add on for your coat, shirt or jacket and can be added as a warm layer while completely upgrading your whole look. 
With an absolute vintage 1900’s vibe, the fur stole is the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade or remix your look in cold temperatures. 
Here’s why the fur stole Is a must have for your wardrobe:

2017 Style Resolutions

---COAT,- (similar here) or (here) - SHIRT, H&M (similar here) - SHOES, Micheal
Antonio (similar here) ---

Happy New Year & welcome to 2017! This time of year is all about New Year’s Resolutions & we hear a lot about getting healthy with our eating, career changes & professional dreams. I'm a huge fan of all of those but I want to concentrate on helping as many women as possible add another important resolution to the list- upgrading their style. Why? Because we all know that when you look good you feel good & I have marked 2017 the year of perfecting your perfect runway worthy look. 
There's been a lot of talk about self care in the media lately, and that's because society now realizes that taking time to improve & pamper yourself is more important than previously thought.  With many women juggling career, children and family, finding time upgrade your look can seem difficult but I'm here to make it easy!