Best Jeans for YOUR Body type

What's your goal when getting dressed? Hide this? Accentuate that? Whatever your goal is most women's aim is to look as proportionate as possible.
Everyone has seen a jean disaster before- high waters, muffin tops, exposed underwear etc. All of these are the result of not knowing which jean styles work for your body.

There was a point in time when I didn’t pay attention to the kind of jeans I bought, if they were cute & came in my size I bought them… (horrible strategy). I learned that cute & on sale does not mean you should buy them if they make you look 10 pounds heavier. When building and editing your wardrobe its important to start with the biggest staple piece in everyone's closet which is jeans. Get this right and you’re already on the road to making your figure look the best it can.

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Below are some tips and tricks for getting the perfect pair of jeans for your body.
First off we will discuss color. The basic rules to jean color is dark hides & slims and light accentuates & highlights. Its important to remember  that a dark wash will be more slimming if you would like to make your bottom half appear smaller and vice versa.

*If you are an Apple shape or plus size-( narrow shoulders, broad hips & broad mid section)
Jeans to try
-          higher rise jeans to cover midriff
-          stiff/non stretch to control mid section
-          boot cut leg to even out your top half
-          dark wash for overall slim effect
Jeans to avoid
-          low rise with no support for your midsection
-          jeans with embellishments
-          jeans with pleats. Pleats make things look bigger
-          super skinny and stretchy jeans with no support

*If you are a rectangle shape or straight up and down - (relatively few curves, little waist definition compared to shoulders & thighs)

Jeans to try
-         “whiskering” or fading in the thigh/hip area, this will create the illusion of curves and hips
-          wider leg to add more shape
-          stretch jeans to make sure the fit isn't baggy (this creates the opposite of curves)
-          Also, for the trendy type, colored jeans or patterned jeans will create curves and add volume to your lower half
Jeans to avoid
-          loose style jeans
-          pocket less jeans

*If you are a pear shape - (shoulders and bust are narrow compared to your hips and thighs, small waist)

Jeans to try
-          jeans with a straight leg or boot cut give your lower half a slimming effect, balancing  
out your smaller top half
-          A dark wash with a slight stretch
Jeans to avoid
-          flare leg jeans can often draw attention to wide hips causing a disproportionate overall body shape
-          avoid light washes or styles with fading or “whiskering” around the hips (this will draw attention to your hips and make them look wider)
*If you are petite/short - (generally considered 5"4" & under)
Jeans to try
-          jeans that truly fit, so stretch is generally a good choice
-       any jean that adds length to your legs, long & lean pencil straight cuts
Jeans to avoid
-          cropped pants which will shorten the length of your legs
-          on the other extreme avoid jeans that are too long & drag on the ground, this creates the illusion that your legs are swimming in a bunch of fabric
*If you are an hourglass shape - (close to equal bust and hips, defined waist)

Jeans to try
-          If this describes your body type consider yourself lucky. Hourglass shapes can pull off many different jean options. A skinny jean will highlight your curves and a wide leg jean will accentuate your small waist. Keep in mind an hourglass shape can be small or plus size; its not about your size, its about your proportions.

Now here’s a short list of jeans everyone should avoid regardless of your shape…

-          “Mom jeans”- high waisted jeans that are unflattering to your figure from both front & back
-          “Highwaters”- jeans should be long enough to cover your ankle unless they are a 
cropped  style. If you are tall most brands have jeans that are specifically for long legs
-          Extremely low rise jeans that show your underwear when you bend over
The quest to find the perfect jeans can be time consuming but its well worth it. Feel free to comment on your perfect jeans and the jean styles you've learned to avoid.


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