How to wear a Statement Necklace

statement necklace, jewelry, fashion blogger, M Renee Design, black fashion blogger, statement jewelry

statement necklace, jewelry, fashion blogger, M Renee Design, black fashion blogger, statement jewelry

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When’s the last time you got dressed and said to yourself “I would like to look boring today”? If your reading this more then likely never. No one wants to look boring and  blend in with all the women you interact with everyday at work, on the street, out with friends etc.

The best accessory to spice up any outfit is the statement necklace. There have been a lot of jewelry trends that come and go but by far the epitome of jewelry right now is the statement necklace. It's been around for a while but recently trendy statement necklaces have gone mainstream and  taken over the jewelry counters everywhere from Target to Saks.

If you ever had to wonder what all the fuss is about statement necklaces, here’s a few reasons why they are so in demand:

-        They automatically up the style notch of whatever you have on. From a boring black dress to jeans and a t shirt, putting on a statement necklace is the quickest way to go from boring to stunning.

-        They look expensive. Statement necklaces are bigger and usually have more sparkle then the average necklace. It stands out in a crowd and makes your outfit look like it cost more then you probably paid for it.

-        They can be worn in all seasons. Since statement necklaces are usually big and bold, they can transition throughout all four seasons. They are a perfect pair for a sun dress in the summer and go well over a turtle neck in the winter.

-        Go big or go home. Jewelry is supposed to make a statement. Why not have on a necklace that people cant keep starring at when you walk through the door?

Statement necklace tips:

  1.          Make sure to avoid large busy patterns on your top when wearing a statement necklace. You want the necklace to have its shine & not get lost in the pattern of your shirt/dress etc. A plain color or muted/small pattern will help your necklace stand out & make sure your outfit is not too busy in general.
  2.           Watch your earrings. With very few exceptions, statement earrings with a statement necklace is a no no. Too much large jewelry makes you look like you threw on everything in the jewelry box. (more on this topic in a future post). Remember it’s all about balance. I personally always wear diamond posts when I have on a statement necklace. This is my personal preference and is not mandatory but I like that I'm not earring-less and I'm still letting all the attention be on my necklace.
  3.           Be aware of where the necklace will land on your neck/chest & choose a shirt accordingly. Make sure the neckline of the shirt does not cut off or distract from the design of the necklace. Note: if you are wearing a shirt with a collar and would like to wear a statement necklace, wear the necklace under the buttoned up shirt collar. This will cover up the sides of the necklace, but it will be visible in the center & is a better option then wearing it on your actual neck.
  4.           A statement necklace should have some length to it. It should not fit like a choker so make sure it hits your collar bone or below.

Hope these tips helped you to style your statement necklaces with your current wardrobe. Don’t have any statement necklaces yet? Head over to to check out the amazing collection. Would love to hear your comments and questions below…


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