Metal Mania- Mixing Metal Jewelry

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We all have favorites. A favorite color, a favorite pair of shoes, a favorite shirt and most of us favor gold jewelry or silver jewelry. One look into your jewelry box will usually show if you’re on Team Gold or Team Silver. But which one is better? Which one matches more of your clothing or looks better with your skin tone? Which one is more stylish? The answer to these questions will depend on the day, the season, your current wardrobe and countless other details. I’m indecisive when it comes to choosing a favorite, so my conclusion is to mix metals and have the best of both worlds.

Mixing metals is not only in style but also cost effective. Think about how expensive it would be if you had to buy a gold watch and a silver watch to make sure all your jewelry matched all the time; or buying your favorite bracelet or earrings in gold and another pair in silver. Sounds like a waste of money. Consistency is always good but not always necessary when it comes to jewelry.

I recently did a post about not being too matchy with your wardrobe and thinking outside of the box when it comes to putting clothes & accessories together. The versatility that comes with mixing metals is endless and there’s something about the look that screams fashion forward. If you’re thinking about experimenting with mixing different metals the tips below will help you get started.
Tips when mixing metals:

  • The easiest way to mix metals is to find a “bridge” piece of jewelry that has more than one metal in it already. This makes tying in your other jewelry pieces simple and gives a more unified look.

  • Mixing metals is great when layering necklaces or bracelets just make sure they are the same style of jewelry. This means if you are going to mix metal bracelets, a large cuff & a small tennis bracelet is not advised. Stick with all simple or all statement bracelets/necklaces to make sure the look is consistent.

  • You can mix more then gold and silver. There are tons of different metals you can include- rose gold, brass, copper, gunmetal, rhodium etc. Just don’t go overboard; the secret to pulling this off is to make it look as simple as possible. Too much mixing or too many different metals and this can turn into an accessory disaster.
Be sure to check out the mixed metal jewelry at M Renee Design and share you metal mixing tips in the comments.


  1. Great metal mixing tips!

  2. Thanks for these tips. I own gold and silver pieces. These tips will allow me to get more wear out if the pieces I already have.

  3. Amazing tips I would say. I really like the statement necklace and funky bracelets. They all are complementing to your outfit. Recently, I found the same jewelry piece in gold on an online shopping website. Though, the necklace is beautiful, but if it would be in gold, then it would be much prettier.

    1. Thanks Amy. I appreciate the feedback. I make gold and silver mixed pieces because I like both so much i often cant decide :) I wear the mixed metal bracelet pretty much everyday & it matches with anything. I love the versatility


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