Should Your Accessories Match your Clothes?

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M Renee Design, fashion blogger, black fashion blogger, forever 21 skirt

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It doesn't have to match it has to go- The best and most misunderstood style rule.

I love this line, made famous by Stacy London co host of What not to Wear on TLC. This rule is universal, applies to clothes & jewelry & is the quickest way to take your outfit from basic to chic. Let me explain...

Years ago it was trendy to focus your outfit all on one color. Jeans, a blue shirt, blue jewelry, blue shoes, purse etc. Those days are over & being matchy matchy dates your style. This rule is all about not matching everything to one color but instead taking one main color and pairing them with complementary and accent colors.

I design and sell jewelry & often hear people as they are debating what to buy. They sometimes stumble upon a colorful piece they fall in love with only to say "I really like this; I just wish i had something in my closet to match it". This is where this rule comes into play. What I explain is, If you have any item of clothing that's black, white, khaki or navy blue you pretty much have something to match any piece of jewelry. Even basic color prints can be paired with colorful jewelry. If you like pink earrings, buy them because I guarantee you have a black or white shirt/dress that would match perfectly.

 Jewelry is supposed to be seen not hidden & camouflaged within your outfit. A black shirt with an all black necklace on top of it can look very blah. It can be done, but contrasting/complementary colors are always better especially if you’re into having a unique & one of a kind look. If you have colorful jewelry & accessories you can take your plain outfit to stunning in no time. Want a new look but don't want to do a wardrobe overhaul? Buy some accessories & don't shy away from colors.

Here are my rules for implementing this concept...  

-start with one basic color or a simple print (black dress)

-add on 1 additional color accessory (blue purse)

-choose 1 other item to match the colored accessory (blue jewelry)

- add an additional color as an accent ( gray belt/shoes/scarf etc.)

This is somewhat of an art that may take some practice (and a good fashionable friend to tell you when you've steered left) but it's worth a try if you would like to get away from a boring color palette.

Feel free to experiment with this concept & remember to not get stuck matching exact colors together when you get dressed. What are your matching tips and tricks with accent colors? Feel free to share your favorites or any questions and feedback in the comments section.


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