Transitioning your Summer Whites through Fall

M Renee Design, fashion blogger, black fashion blogger, wearing white after labor day, jewelry, sunglasses

M Renee Design, Jewels with style, fashion blogger, black fashion blogger, wearing white after labor day, coach purse

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We’ve all heard - “No wearing white after Labor Day”; this is one of the old fashion laws that have recently been eliminated by style experts. From magazines, to talk shows, to the runway, not only is wearing white in the fall allowed but now encouraged!

Summer often flies by so fast that there may be times you buy a pair of shorts or a dress and only get to wear it once. I’ll admit there have been times when I packed away brand new summer clothes that I never got a chance to wear just because fall came. This is part of the frustration of investing in your summer wardrobe. So being able to transition summer clothes like whites into fall not only stretches your wardrobe but also lets everyone know you're up on the current trends. But often as new styles are introduced or old style rules are challenged by the experts it can be hard to figure out how to practically apply them to your wardrobe.
So here's the breakdown on how to pull off wearing white after Labor Day...

-Choose only one white item of clothing (white dress, white jeans, white blazer etc.) wearing multiple white items will automatically “summarize” your outfit

-Surround the white with a dark neutral (black, brown, navy blue) or jewel tone. A white pair of jeans surrounded by darker colors will give your outfit a fall look

-Instead of sandals wear a closed toe or peep toe shoe

• Here's some items to pair with your white item of clothing that will automatically make it "fall like"- a blazer, cardigan, scarf, boots or sweater.

Transitioning your wardrobe is an excellent way to stretch your summer clothes but also get creative with the white items you only get to wear once or twice. Don’t make the mistake of packing it up for next year only to find it’s out of style or worse no longer fits. What are your summer wardrobe transition tips? Let me know in the comments.


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