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M Renee Design, fashion blogger, forever 21 skirt,faus leather jacket, leather jacket, jewels with style, black fashion blogger

M Renee Design, fashion blogger, forever 21 skirt, handmade jewelry, faux leather jacket,leather jacket, jewels with style, black fashion blogger

M Renee Design, fashion blogger, forever 21 skirt, leather jacket, jewels with style, black fashion blogger

Jacket, Nordstrom Rack -- Skirt, Forever 21 -- Purse & Shoes, TJ Maxx -- Necklace, M Renee Design

 I’ll admit, summer is my favorite season & I hated to see it go. But now that fall is here its all about a warmer wardrobe full of layers, textures & even more layers. Though summer is often a favorite season, fall is one of the best seasons when it comes to fashion. 

One fall wardrobe staple that never changes is leather. Leather jackets, blazers, skirts and more have been around for a while but there’s a leather trend that’s currently taking over the racks, runways and celebrities wardrobes…Faux leather (aka artificial leather or vegan leather). This style is showing up on the must have list for fall & doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. Here’s why faux leather will be your new favorite:

1) It’s easy on the wallet. Faux leather is a lot cheaper then genuine leather so it gives you more freedom to experiment. There are more shades of leather coats & skirts then you can imagine, so buying a red faux leather skirt isn’t such an investment when its $30 vs. the real thing costing you $100. Since it’s cheaper you have more freedom to try something new and your wallet will thank you.

2) The trend is fun! Faux leather is now showing up on everything- not only jackets but shirts, skirts, vests, pants and also in bits and pieces rather then the whole piece of clothing (see my jacket with faux leather sleeves in the picture). 

3) No one can really tell the difference. Not all faux leather is created equal but most brands do a pretty good job of fooling the average on looker. I suggest sticking with a good brand and your faux leather will look believable. I’ve listed some good faux leather pieces to get you started below (click on the descriptions below the pictures for more details and purchase information).

Don't forget to share this post and tell me what you think about the faux leather trend. Are you willing to try it in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments.

Faux Leather Skirt
Faux Leather Accent Sweater
Faux Leather Coat

Faux Leather Jacket, Old Navy Faux Leather Jacket, leather trends, fall style
Faux Leather Jacket
Faux Leather Sleeve Jacket
rFaux leather trend, faux leather dress, neiman marcus faux leather dress, fall style, jewels with style
Faux Leather Accent Dress
Faux Leather Pants

Faux Leather Skirt


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