Houndstooth, Reflections and 2014!

houndstooth coat, H&M leggings, leather leggings, Nine West pumps, purple pumps, black fashion blogger, style blog, Jewels with Style

houndstooth coat, M Renee Design, black fashion blogger, style blog, Jewels with Style

houndstooth coat, M Renee Design, black fashion blogger, style blog, H&M leggings, leather leggings, Jewels with Style

houndstooth coat, M Renee Design, black fashion blogger, style blog, H&M leggings, leather leggings, Jewels with Style, Nine west pumps, purple heels


Coat, old (similar here) -- Pants, H&M (similar here) -- Shoes, Nine West -- Purse, Nine West -- Earrings, M Renee Design

It’s funny how seeing one thing can send your mind down so many different paths and make you think of various things in life. When I found this houndstooth coat in the back of my closet it made me think of three things:

1. How cute this coat would be with the leggings I just bought

2. This coat would be perfect to wear for the next post and  

3. How much I am truly enjoying this blogging journey

This coat took me on a rabbit trail thinking fashion, style, New Year’s resolutions, the direction of this blog and much more.  

As I reflected on this coat (& why it has not been in heavy rotation), I also thought about this year & the things that I’ve done & accomplished. As I began to write this post I thought about how thankful I am to YOU for reading & supporting this thing called a blog I launched back in August. 

In May I determined to take a risk & do something I had been contemplating for a while, and that turned into Jewels With style- a combination of a few of  the things I love- fashion, writing & my jewelry line M Renee Design. With a jewelry business and a 9-5 I had no idea 

how I would make time for this new endeavor but I continue to carve out time for this blog because I am loving the process. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for reading & your continued feedback and encouragement. Your comments and questions are so important to me & help keep me inspired.

 In 2014 I would like to know what you want to read about. Whatever fashion, style, jewelry or accessory questions you have please write them in the comments below & I will work your topics into the 2014 blog schedule as I see fit.

 I started this blog not to just take pictures of myself but to help other women with their common style questions and/or dilemmas. My goal with every post is to be helpful and provide some bit of information regarding personal style that you may not have known before reading.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you would like to read about & what style subjects spark your interest. 

I have gotten a few requests for topics such as choosing a color that looks good on you, stylishly hiding your trouble areas (specifically mid section) and continuing to highlight the latest trends so  these will be posts you'll see in the near future. 

So what’s your style New Year’s Resolution? What piece of clothing do you love but don’t know how to put together? What occasion is coming up that you are unsure how to dress or accessorize for? Give me your personal style issues, questions or just topics you would like to see on Jewels with Style & I will use this post’s comments throughout the year to determine future topics.

 I am already excited about the next few posts coming in January so be sure to subscribe in the top right corner of the page if you are not already receiving the emails. I’m looking forward to 2014 & all the fashion, fun and new things it will bring.


  1. Monica,

    Thank YOU for pursuing your passion. I have absolutely enjoyed each written post. I look forward to following you on your journey in 2014. I will continue to recommend your blog and cheer you on. My take-away's from your blog posts are admiration for your pursuit and inspiration from your creativity which helps me make a shift from my homogeneous thinking. You go girl!

    1. Ruth, thank you for your support, I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. I'm excited for the posts to come in 2014!

  2. I'm looking forward to the post about dressing to hide your trouble areas. Definitely something I will be waiting on!

    1. Great, stay tuned & thanks for reading.


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