Closet Clean Out- What to Keep, What to Toss

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pink coat, jewels with style, circle skirt, closet clean out, black fashion blogger, M Renee Design, handmade necklace, statement necklace, cleaning out closet

pink coat, jewels with style, circle skirt, tan circle skirt, joe fresh skirt,closet clean out, black fashion blogger, pink and brown outfit, joe fresh skirt, cleaning out closet

Coat, Wilsons Leather (similar here) -- Skirt, Joe Fresh -- (similar here) -- Shirt, Old Navy -- Clutch, Jessica Simpson (similar here) -- Shoes, Nine West (similar here) -- Necklace, M Renee Design

We have all been there before...staring in your closet at your favorite dress from years ago that no longer fits your body or your lifestyle. Pieces in our wardrobe can be tied to so many memories that they can often be hard to let go.  But one of the biggest reasons people struggle with creating outfits or feel they have "nothing to wear" is due to an overcrowded, outdated and cluttered closet. A simple edit to your closet can give you a better look at what you really have & cut down on clothes that are just taking up space. 

One surprising thing about my pink leather coat shown in the pictures is that  I’ve had it for 3 years and only worn it once. Shocking, I know. I bought this coat a few years ago because it was on sale & I loved the color & knew I wouldn’t see many  people with it on. It sat in my closet for years because I couldn’t figure out the right time or outfit to wear with it until now. I'm pretty good at getting rid of clothes that aren't being worn but this coat was a gem & it’s lasted through many of my closet edits. I decided to keep this coat around for so long 
because I knew it was a great colorful piece in my wardrobe & I could wear it well for years to come. 

So, How do you determine when to toss something or when to keep it around for a while? What qualifies as worthy enough to take up space in your closet vs. needing to go to Goodwill? If you have ever asked these questions, the list below will give you clarity. Here's a list of reasons you may need to get rid of that item in your closet:

1. It no longer fits... & realistically won’t any time soon. Sometimes it’s clothes that you haven’t been able to fit in years and sometimes it’s a favorite pair of shoes that you have outgrown. Whether its clothes or shoes, ill fitting items make you look bigger, sloppier and uncomfortable.

2. You can’t wear it confidently, or it’s just not your style. I admit, I'm guilty of this. Buying something that looks cute on the rack but  when you try it on you realize it just doesn’t seem to fit who you are or your sense of style. Confidence is the key to wearing any outfit well & if you don’t feel comfortable in it, the whole world will know.

3. You haven’t worn it in two to three years.  This usually means it doesn’t mean much to you or you’re not excited about it. Even though I hadn't worn my pink coat much I always had it in the back of my mind for the perfect outfit I just hadn’t put together yet.

4. it’s had a lot of wear & tear… and it shows. A hole in a sweater you can fix, but worn in & scuffed up shoes are better in the giveaway box.

5. You never plan on wearing it again. If it's a keepsake that you could imagine handing down or showing off to your daughter, then store it in a Memory-Lane Box. However, if you're only emotionally attached to the garment due to one or various reasons, purge it.

6. It is no longer “age appropriate”. After I graduated college there were some jeans & shirts I had to throw out regardless of how comfortable they were. A new phase in life often requires a more mature & polished wardrobe. 

Use these tips as a guideline to assist you when deciding about the items in your closet. Remember not everything has to be given away. There are tons of online resale websites like eBay or poshmark along with local consignment shops in your area where you can get paid for your old clothes.

Not only will a closet clean out give you a neater & more organized wardrobe to pull from, it will also give you an idea of  what not to buy the next time you shop. You'll also know what essentials your wardrobe is lacking. So, get busy getting rid of all the ill fitting, old and unflattering clothes you have lying around. Your wardrobe and your closet will thank you. Let me know what tips you have for a closet clean out in the comments.



  1. Love these tips just in time for spring cleaning

  2. Cute outfit! Love the colors.

    Great meeting you today!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

    1. Great meeting you as well, Thank you!


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