Life Lessons from Blogging & a Giveaway!

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jewels with style, crochet dress, white summer dress, monica warren, blog lessons, black fashion blogger, fashion blogger tips, alice and olivia purse

jewels with style, crochet dress, white summer dress, arm part, m renee design, monica warren, blog lessons, black fashion blogger, fashion blogger tips, alice and olivia purse, green tote purse

jewels with style, crochet dress, white summer dress, monica warren, blog lessons, black fashion blogger, fashion blogger tips, alice and olivia purse, green tote purse

jewels with style, crochet dress, white summer dress, monica warren, blog lessons, black fashion blogger, fashion blogger tips, alice and olivia purse, green tote bag

----DRESS, Marshalls (similar here) -- PURSE, Alice & Olivia (similar here) -- SHOES, Jessica Simpson (similar here) -- NECKLACE, M Renee Design----

What a better way to celebrate the blog's birthday than with big curls and a crotchet dress? I fell in love with this dress at Marshalls (see my last post about sale shopping) & thought it would be the perfect piece to sport for the celebration of my first year blogging.  It’s hard to believe that One year ago I put together this blog with hopes of taking my love for writing and fashion to a new level & platform.  So far this blog journey has taught me lots about personal style, writing & photography but most of all I think I've learned more about life. Let me explain:

5 life lessons I learned in my first year of blogging

(don’t worry I won’t get too deep)

1.      Practice makes perfect (or something close to it). After a year of posts and pictures I am still making improvements to the blog and constantly thinking of new ways to improve the writing, photographs and fashion advice you see and read. Although this is still a work in progress, as I look back to my first few post I see so much growth in so many areas. This shows that I am getting closer and closer to style and written excellence in the form of Jewels with Style. This year taught me that even if you aren’t perfect at whatever task or goal you are trying to accomplish, practice & consistency are the keys to become better & eventually become great.

2.      Leaps of faith require sacrifice. This blog was in some ways a leap of faith. With a 9-5 that has nothing to do with fashion & a jewelry business I run myself, this blog was not something I decided to do because I had some extra time. It was actually something I’d thought about for a few years so I decided to take the plunge; realizing once I started it would require work. Since beginning the blog I have a new respect for bloggers, writers and photographers as well. The amount of hours & preparation it takes to put together a decent blog post is downright shocking. So I have gladly sacrificed time, time and more time to put this together & realize that going out and trying something new is always going to require a sacrifice whether it is physically, mentally, financially or socially. With big goals a sacrifice is always required but as the old saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy.

3.     There's a lesson in everything, even failure. This one is a hard one for everyone I’m sure but especially me. I’ll let you in on a little secret- There’s a lot of things I create that never make it to the blog. Whether it’s a post I’ve written or an outfit I’ve photographed there are times when I just have to scratch it & give myself an A for effort. Those things, though considered “failures” teach  me a valuable lesson each time (like check the weather before going outside to take pictures). Failure is a part of life & the lessons you learn from failure not only make you wiser but help you to avoid making the same mistake next time.

4.      Every task, project or goal you have started needs an evaluation process. Whether your goal is to write a book or to save a million dollars, after your plan is put together & you start walking out the steps it’s important to set aside time to assess your progress. Have your steps been successful? Do you need to go another route? Do you need to ask for help? In corporate America there are mid-year reviews & evaluations, so whatever goal you have will require a plan, then a process of evaluation. I’ve changed the look of the blog just a little because I evaluated some things & decided to try something new. This blog has taught me to constantly grade what you’re doing in life & see if it is producing the results you want.

5.     Faith without works is dead. This is one of my favorite scriptures James 2:20 & can apply to many different areas of life in many different ways. This year this applied to me regarding goals and dreams. Everyone has something they want to do and accomplish in their life but hoping & positive thoughts only get you so far. Action is required to reach whatever dream or goal you set for yourself. So take some action towards whatever it is you would like to accomplish & that, along with faith will eventually get you to your destination.

Okay, enough of my life lessons, on to the GIVEAWAY!!

 I’m really appreciative to everyone that reads & even more appreciative to everyone that comments! Comments are like gold to a blogger. They provide me with feedback, let me answer any questions and let me know someone is actually reading! So for the one year anniversary I am giving away a pair of M ReneeDesign earrings to one random "commenter" & the winner is…. Chiquita Toure.  Chiquita will receive the earrings below. 

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I am also beginning a monthly jewelry giveaway for new subscribers. So there are two ways to win- subscribe to the blog (in the pop up box or the top right hand corner) or if you’re already subscribed and receive the email notifications you can comment on the posts for a chance to win.

These are just a few new things I will be putting in place for the second year of Jewels with Style. Although I usually just talk about fashion, style and accessories I have a wealth of knowledge about other areas as well & hope this post was helpful and inspiring. Thanks again to everyone who helped & encouraged during this first year & please continue to comment & share this post with your friends & family! I’m excited about the next year of blogging and the lessons I’ll learn in year two!


  1. Wow!. Its's been a year. You have done a great job,thanks for keeping us informed. I wish you much success in the future.

    1. Yes, I know it went so fast. Thanks again Chiquita

  2. Incredible work Monica! I don't get the time to post but I should probably make time. However, I read everything every time I receive it. God will continue to blow fresh wind on everything you touch. You are a "JEWEL" to the Body of Christ.


  3. What a fantastic year. You've provided great content, beautiful jewelry to purchase and helped your audience dress with a sense of style. Keep up the great work . I look forward to learning more in year two.

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  5. What a great honor! Great example of what happens when you have a goal, develop a plan to reach it and are faithful to pursue it. Keep dreaming your goal, keep working your plan--You're closer than you think!


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