5 Ways to dress up Jeans & a T Shirt

how to dress up jeans and a t shirt
how to dress up jeans and a t shirt
how to dress up jeans and a t shirt
how to dress up jeans and a t shirt
how to dress up jeans and a t shirt
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Somewhere between your sweaters, work clothes and shoe collection is the classic all American closet staple of jeans and a t shirt. Though every woman’s wardrobe & lifestyle are different, jeans and a t shirt are two constants I can guarantee all of our closets have in common.

During the summer a fitted shirt and jeans were my perfect no hassle outfit for days that didn’t require too much styling and now that it’s winter I have swapped my fitted tee out for a basic turtleneck from I found at H&M. Though jeans and a basic shirt are often the typical casual outfit and are perfect for a quick run to Starbucks,  they can also be dressed up to transition to more upscale occasions… think dates, a night out or even a business function. Use the 5 tips below to dress up your boring jeans & a basic shirt.

  1. Layer. When I paired my turtleneck & jeans with a faux fur it totally changed the look. You can achieve this too by adding a blazer or any other type of fancy jacket or shirt. Layering is often associated with winter, but even in the summer a vest or sleeveless blazer can be added to give you a classy look.
  2. Accessorize. Accessories are perfect for dressing up a casual outfit. Use statement jewelry, hats and scarves to transition from boring to chic.
  3. Add some Luxe. [Luxe- expensive and of high quality; luxurious]. Adding some lace, fur/faux fur, or any other type of fancy fabric will always dress up your jeans. Don’t be afraid to mix something elegant with something casual.
  4. Your shoes matter! There is nothing that can change your whole look more than the right or wrong pair of shoes. If you are upgrading your jeans & a t shirt look your shoe choice is important. Stick with heels or a decorative flat & stay away from tennis shoes/flip flops or any causal footwear.
  5. Add some color and/or Prints. When all else fails, focus on adding some color and/or prints to your look. Whether it’s a printed coat or a swipe of red lipstick, color automatically upgrades your look and makes it more glamorous.

With these tips you are on your way to turning your basic jeans and shirt into a catwalk worthy look. Check out some more ideas for dressing up your denim here .   


  1. you definitely made a jeans and tee combo look a lot more spectacular! love the pumps, shoes can definitely complete an outfit! :)

    Metallic Paws


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