YouTube Makeovers/Style Tips for New Moms

After months of planning, shopping and taping, I am excited to announce that I have now launched a YouTube Channel! The YouTube channel will cover videos about fashion, jewelry and most importantly Makeovers! I will be overseeing head to toe makeovers for women in the Columbus, Ohio area in which they will receive a personal wardrobe consultation, a mini shopping spree, hair and makeup. (Check out the makeover page from the home page to see how you can win a free makeover).

My first Makeover is on Johari, a new mom of two who felt like she had lost her style since having children. Through the makeover I give her wardrobe advice and a new look as she rediscoverd her style that she once had before taking care of her children became the priority. I also give the top three tips for moms/new moms for regaining their style after motherhood.

I give Johari a wardrobe consultation specific for her body type

Johari tells her story

The "BEFORE" look


With this makeover I was gratefuel to partner with Clothes Mentor- a great store that provided the wardrobe. Clothes Mentor is a super stylish clothing store that buys and sells gently used clothing.

Our shopping trip to Clothes Mentor

 A step up above many second hand stores, not only are the clothes at Clothes Mentor stylish, but many are brand new. It's a perfect place to find every piece you need in your wardrobe.  From jeans to work wear,  the store is filled with high quality clothes, shoes and other accessories.  They even have a designer purse section filled with Coach and Michael Kors items just to name a few. So if you have been wanting to upgrade you wardrobe on a budget, or have some quality clothes you would like to sell, Clothes Mentor is the place for you. Click here to find a store near you.

Special thanks also go to the hair stylist (Kweli Burton) and the makeup artist (Danyae Person) they helped to create an amazing look to go along with the great wardrobe.
From this point forward I will continue to post blog here and also videos on YouTube so don't forget to subscribe to my channel!  Check out the video here and let me know your thoughts.


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