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Last month I got the opportunity to experience my first facial. I was grateful for the opportunity to visit Juvly Aesthetics & get a jump start on my winter skin routine. I'm nowhere near a beauty expert, but years and years of changes with my skin have shown me that cold temperatures can give your skin an unwanted beating. Through the polar temperatures, ice cold wind and dry air the winter season can take havoc on normal skin. So when I was invited to experience my first facial right before winter hit, I glady accepted.

My first facial was such an amazing experience I decided to do a post on keeping your skin vibrant and glowing this winter season. Juvly Aesthetics is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio and the welcoming staff were the perfect greeting I needed to ease my nervousness. Because I had never had a facial before I had questions about the process, how it would effect my skin & what to expect. My many questions were met with detailed answers, confirmation and even some sample products to take home with me. After the facial, I was determined to maintain my skincare routine and I wanted to share my routine with anyone who is also looking to experience the winter glow. Take a look below to view the products I'm currently using.

(From the top going clockwise)
1. Ponds Dry Skin Cream. Let me be clear, I never thought I would be buying anything titled dry skin cream, because my skin is normally not dry. I have combination skin (normal but oily in my T zone) but when winter hits, my normal skin turns extremely dry. As I mentioned before, the wind and cold temperatures change my skin in the winter so I use this exclusively in this season.

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizer. This primer is perfect if you are looking for an instant glow. Since it goes over your moisturizer and underneath your makeup, its the perfect in between layer that will instantly give you a glow that looks natural.

3. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish. I love this powder because it gives your skin a nice natural finish. Not only does it help to even out your skin tone but it also gives you a slight glisten when your skin hits the light. 

4. Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner. This toner is great for minimizing pores and also removing any left over makeup after washing your face. If there's anything left on your face, this will remove it. 

5. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania. If you're into the the latest beauty craze of highlighting, this product is for you. It lives up to it's name of Pearl Mania & a little goes a long way. For a great highlighting product that will last a while, this product is great.

6. SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. This cleanser was gifted to me by Juvly Aesthetics and I love it. It's a great daily exfoliating cleanser that keeps my skin clean and removes dirt, makeup and dry skin from the cold temperatures. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a high end cleanser that will give your skin major results.

With these products I am successfully maintaining my skins winter glow .Don't forget to click the link of each one of the products to purchase and have them sent directly to your door!

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