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As a style blogger, fashion workshop facilitator and personal stylist, I wear a lot of hats, but they all lead stylishly back to Fashion. 
My love of fashion runs deep & my true passion is helping the everyday woman dress well because when you look good you feel good! Whether you like it or not, how you look is tied to how you feel & how others perceive you. First impressions are made within 5 seconds so think about what your style is saying when you put on clothes that don’t flatter your figure or highlight your natural beauty. What is your style saying about you? Think about what your wardrobe communicates to a stranger when you go to work, or at the store or on a date. Even though you may not realize it, your look is constantly speaking to the world. Is it saying your are confident and well put together, or that you don’t have the time or effort to show off your great figure? To figure out the right clothes to flatter your figure.

Think about the last time you got a compliment on something you were wearing & how good it made you feel I don’t promote vanity or labels, I promote feeling good about yourself & the undeniable fact that when you put time and effort into your wardrobe it will pay off triple fold with the new confident attitude you will have as you strut into your office, the coffee shop or anywhere else. ( and by the way, If  you can’t think of the last time someone complimented you on your look- you are in the right place, I can change that in one session). As a personal wardrobe stylist I am here to help you look and dress your best. Read on for more details about the amazing transformation your wardrobe can go through when you book an appointment.

Why Choose Me?
Simply put, I have a natural ability to dress women of all shapes, sizes and budgets and The proof is in the pudding:
Click HERE to browse the blog to take a look at my vast knowledge and expertise in women’s fashion and how to dress all body types
Click HERE to watch a previous makeover I styled & see firsthand how I  work with my clients
Click HERE to watch a snippet of my Style Session Workshop – How to Dress your Body Type. In this video you will see participants of my workshop telling you how it changed the way they dress forever!

Also, I’ve had my style featured In Style Magazine, Capital Style Magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily, Columbus Underground and Columbus Alive & I am also a member of the style team for Columbus Fashion Week 2016.
I have the skills that you are looking for if you want to take your wardrobe to the next level. Email me HERE to set up a free consultation.

You're worth the Investment
In every area of you life that you need an expert, you hire someone. Whether it’s a plumber, hair stylist, tutor, lawyer etc. in any area where you need help, assistance or expertise, you call on an expert to fix your problem. It’s is the same with your style!  When you need help with your wardrobe, you need an experts skill, opinion and suggestions to help take your wardrobe to the next level. Some common wardrobe problems are not knowing how to dress your body type, having clothes but not knowing how to put outfits together or just needing help picking out an outfit for a special occasion. Each area that requires an expert is an investment that always pays off. So, think about your wardrobe like you think about every other area in your life. Your confidence, style & overall look is important, don’t convince yourself its not worth the investment. Email me HERE to set up a free consultation.

What can you expect?
Depending on your wardrobe needs, each session will have a goal of maximizing your wardrobe by flattering your specific figure while working with your specific budget. This is not a cookie cutter experience! This is a personalized wardrobe experience where we will work one on one to craft the perfect wardrobe that stylishly fits your lifestyle. You will see a difference immediately through your confidence and the compliments you receive. You can choose from a Makeover, Closet Styling and Personal shopping. Find out more details HERE.

"Since my makeover I've improved my outward appearance with more stylish, yet casual clothing. Monica showed me how to work with the great foundation pieces that I already had and that definitely helped to chart me in the right direction. The makeover was much needed and a jump start to propel me in the role of my new upcoming career."
G. Payton 

"Monica really helped me to reexamine my idea of what my personal style is and gave me the courage to try on things that I didn't think fit my personality. It's been many months since my makeover with Monica and my shopping and styling experience has really transformed. I've found that I can pull off a lot more than I thought I could and as a result, my style game has tremendously improved!"
K. List

"Monica does not just understand fashion—she understands the psychology behind the choices women make in dressing themselves.  She understands the economics of beauty on a budget. She understands the tremendous time investment involved in finding quality pieces (and is extremely patient in the search)…and she understands how to educate her clients about what can work best for them."
J. Mitchell

Schedule your FREE consultation today! Email me for details HERE


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