Hi I'm Monica Warren, and when it comes to saving money in fashion, I'm an expert. I remember flipping through the pages of fashion magazines as an underemployed recent college grad, wondering how I was going to afford the next seasons trends.


As a young 20 something who had no real experience in making style work, I thought that fancy brands were ideal and that being in style meant spending lots of money. But, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. 


After starting a blog in 2013 and becoming a personal stylist in 2015 I realized that I was not only a natural style expert, but that I also had a hidden expertise- putting together stunning outfits without spending lots of money.  I’ve learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to shopping on a budget, but still looking chic & expensive and I'm here to share all my secrets with you on my blog.

If you're anything like me you love shopping but hate spending lots of money. That's why I created The Savvy Shopping List. A weekly list of the best fashion sales & coupon codes from your favorite stylish stores (& a few you don't know about but should). Each Monday you'll get the money saving email along with shopping tips & a weekly female fashion influencer to give you some inspiration. All this, and it's less than a latte ( only $5 per month)!!! Join me as we save money together shopping!