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Having great style is not as easy as it looks.. while trying to keep up with trends, deciding what works with your body type & balancing your work and weekend wear, creating a great wardrobe can be complicated. Until Now! The outfit upgrade breaks down what every woman needs to know to easily create stylish outfits quickly that work for any occasion.


Whether it's your new job, a step forward in your business,  or the constant "blah" feeling you get when you look at your daily outfits, you realize how important your wardrobe is. But where do you start? How do you transform your look easily? & Are people really even paying attention to what you have on everyday? Studies show that when you walk into a room, it takes less than 6 seconds for people to form a first impression. More than likely in 6 seconds you haven't even opened your mouth yet! But, your style is speaking for you before you can even greet the first person you see. This Ebook gives you expert advice from wardrobe stylist Monica Warren (seen in In Style magazine along with other publications) that will save you money with your future shopping purchases & help you find a solution to your boring, outdated and ill fitting style. 


 With the outfit you wore today what do you think people thought of you when you walked in the room? How much would you spend to make that memorable first impression to your next boss, business connection or future spouse? The feeling of getting dressed every day with a wardrobe that flatters your body type & highlights your figure is indescribable. This Ebook breaks down the basic fashion concepts you need to make stylish outfits daily. Think of it as the cliff notes to having amazing style for every occasion life throws at you.

Stop putting your style & self-image off for another day, month or year because your business, career or dating life could be dependent on it. The time is now! Begin your wardrobe transformation by downloading The Outfit Upgrade!

The Outfit Upgrade


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