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December 5, 2018

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Creating the Perfect Outfit- Step 1

September 9, 2017





It's the one thing we all do everyday regardless of our age, budget, day of the week or how we feel- Get dressed. When you think about the 365 (give or take a few for those lazy days) outfits we create each year it's kind of amazing that something we do everyday is often missing the first important step. It's a reality that our daily outfit routine is often based on things that it shouldn't be at all, like if we are in a good or bad mood or if we overslept & are late for work. Often, we miss the most important step of all:

what we want our look to say about us. 


I can remember as a teenager picking outfits because it was what all my friends were wearing, or just after graduating from college picking outfits that i thought were professional but didn't fit my body type at all. I was dressing with the wrong intent in mind & I never thought about what my look was communicating to the world.


It's a fact that it only takes 6 seconds to make a first impression. There are no do overs, no second chances or pauses on first impressions; the one you make is there for life. How scary to think that when we walk into business meetings, work, a party or a date people are getting a first impression of us that doesn't represent how cool & stylish we really are.
As a stylist, I get a lot of questions about what to wear here or there & as a result I'm currently writing an ebook that will guide you through picking quick and easy outfits for your everyday life.(click here for the details)


I remember in my pre stylist day being confused and staring at my closet wondering what to put on & how to create an outfit for this or that occasion, stressful, annoying & confusing to say the least. But, creating the perfect outfit all starts with what you want your look to say. I wanted a fun, chic, relaxed but stylish look above so I chose my favorite wide leg pants & a button up shirt, tied in the front of course to add a touch of chic. 
As an expert on women's style I'm here to spread the fashion knowledge & help you create outfits that look good & make you feel great!
 Think about what the outfit you wore today said about you as you walked into the presence of you friends, co workers & strangers. Did the outfit you choose scream confidence, style and class or did it scream carelessness, boring and confusion?

Here's 3 tips that will help you focus on what your look is communicating:

1.Focus on how you want to feel & not how you currently feel. Yes, we all wake up in a bad mood sometimes, but don't let that affect your outfit. A lot of times if you're in a bad mood dressing good will help cheer you up. Think color, cute separates & plenty of compliments.
2. Figure out your personal style. Comfortable chic, preppy, classic... whatever your style is once you know, it's easier to choose outfits & figure out the look you want. Click here if you need more help identifying your style.
3. Now that you have mastered step 1 in creating your quick & easy outfits everyday read about the other 5 steps in the ebook. The book will be released soon so click here to get details and be notified when it's available to download. Its full of self reflecting chapters and visual guides with everything from steps to choosing an outfit, versatile items you NEED in your wardrobe & 5 outfits that never fail for any occasion.


So, cheers to creating the perfect outfits specifically designed for your life. I'm excited to help you on your style journey! Don't forget to join the Facebook Group for more style tips & your chance to ask personal style questions!

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