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December 5, 2018

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Should you Wear the Latest Trend?

September 9, 2017

When I saw this off the shoulder, asymmetrical, peplum shirt I knew I had to have it! I’m such a fan of unique clothing & any item that has an unexpected twist that I knew it would be perfect for my closet as soon as I laid eyes on it.


Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane… I often remember hearing “your eyes are too big for your stomach” when I was a kid. If you haven’t heard that one, it means I was kind of greedy J & I always wanted more than what was good for me. I bring up this quote because it also reflected on my clothing purchases at one time too. I used to buy anything I thought was cute and I wanted everything my eyes could see; but I had to learn that a cute item of clothing should not be the only reason I buy things. Why? Because there are other important factors that come into play when deciding if you should join in on the latest trend or not. In high school Britney Spears made tube tops so popular (am I dating myself?). I wanted to jump in on the tube top trend but because I am top heavy, that trend just wasn’t for me. So I had to gracefully bow out & choose other clothes that flattered my figure.


Now, after being a stylist & style blogger for some years now, I can run through in my head all the qualifications a trend needs to meet for me to embrace it. It’s like second nature to me and I want to share the mental check list you should conduct every time you see a cute trend on the runway, in a magazine or on your friend that lets you know if that trend is for you. These 4 things will help you decide if the next big thing in clothing is something you should invest in or if you should sit it out. Check out the list below:


1.       Is it for your body type? This is very important when you are determining what to wear. Every trend doesn’t look good on every body type! How do you know what looks good on you? Look at the flow chart below. (click on the picture to enlarge).




2.       Is it age appropriate? I know this one may be a bit controversial, but this is not to say women over a certain age shouldn’t wear this or that. This is to say women of a certain age or lifestyle shouldn’t wear age inappropriate trends. The teenagers are always coming up with something fun, new & creative but I can’t embrace the blue hair trend because I have a job and a career & it would kind of make me look like I was reliving my high school days. There are no ultimatums in fashion, but tread lightly with trends that are popular with teens or tweens or anyone significantly younger than you.


3.       Can you risk it only being in for one season? This tip speaks more towards your finances. If a $500.00 bag is now the latest trend & you decide to purchase one, what if it’s no longer in next year? Can you afford to spend $500 on a passing trend that is not a classic investment piece? This is important because we know once trends go out of style you are less likely to wear them and the value goes down. So make sure you can take on the risk if the trend is a pricey item.




4.       Can you make it work with something you already have? There’s nothing worse than buying a new item then realizing you have to also buy clothes to go with it. Any trend you decide to invest in should already fit within the items you already have. I knew the shirt above would go with jeans, casual pants, skirts & shorts so I knew I wouldn’t have to buy additional items to make it work. Don’t go broke trying to make the perfect outfit for your trendy piece. Pick items that already fit the flow of what you have & your wallet will thank you!


Using these 4 tips you will now be able to decide if what’s hot in fashion is for you or maybe just your neighbor. Remember, it’s ok to sit a few trends out because there will always be more coming right around the corner that will be perfect for you. Don’t force the trends, embrace ones that make you feel confident and flatter your best features!






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