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December 5, 2018

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Outfit illusion- hide your flaws, highlight your best body parts

September 19, 2017




It’s a fact,  All women have something that they love about their bodies & also something they would like to change. Regardless of how good your self image is, a magazine cover or a day at the beach can often remind us all of what part of our body we would like to improve . Showing off the good parts is usually pretty simple. If you have great legs show them off with dresses and skirts (like I did above), if you have great Michelle Obama arms show them off with sleeveless shirts and dresses, but when it comes to camouflaging  the "unfavorite" parts of our bodies we often don’t know the power of what wearing the right clothes can do. It's a fashion secret that your biggest body dilemmas can become invisible if you make the right wardrobe choices.


Though we are surrounded with airbrushed beauty images of toned abs and fit arms no one has the perfect body. While I'm thanking my mom for the great legs I have I also have trouble spots like everyone else but have learned the wardrobe tricks that minimize them as much as possible. So go ahead and play up your best features and downplay your trouble spots with the right clothing. Below are 3 popular body “flaws” women often complain about and how to make them almost disappear with the right clothing choices.





If you complain about: a belly/muffin top/love handles your goal is to create an illusion of a waist so



  • clothes that are tight on your stomach

  • tucking in your shirts, a hanging shirt outside of your pants will help to camouflage

  • belts around your waist

  • boxy shirts or jackets





  • Shirts that flare out like the popular peplum style

  • Layers like a long jacket or cardigan so that your trouble spot is not on full display

  • A structured blazer or any shirt with an hourglass cut

  • If you have a tight fitting shirt or dress you would like to wear & your stomach is an area of concern, shape wear is always a good option





If you complain about: larger hips or thighs your goal is to minimize this area and balance out your top and bottom half so




  • Full & textured skirts or pants -A full skirt will just draw attention and make your hips and bottom half look bigger

  • Horizontal striped bottoms

  • Narrow leg pants, the contrast of your hip size and the narrow leg will make your hips appear wider then they are





  • Draw more attention to the top half of your body with a statement necklace or a bright colored top or a light colored top and a dark bottom

  • Pants that aren’t narrow at the bottom like boot cut, boyfriend, relaxed fit etc.

  • A line skirts or dresses give your figure a balanced look

  • stick with vertical stripes to de emphasize your hip size



If you complain about:  large or Flabby Arms your goal is to minimize the size of your arms so




  • Cap sleeves or short sleeve shirts that hit the fullest part of your arm

  • Sleeves that are too tight or clingy





  • Quarter Length Sleeve shirts

  • Full Sleeve shirts that hide your upper arm

  • Sheer or Lace sleeves

  • Jackets, Cardigans or Scarf Wraps

  • If you want to wear sleeveless Shirts or dresses wear ones with a halter neckline or something that shows off your shoulders to draw attention away from your arms





These are just a few common body troubles I've heard mentioned. If you have one that was not covered let me know in the comments section for part 2 of this post. Also, let me know what your  tricks are for drawing attention towards your best body parts? 


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