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December 5, 2018

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How to Create a Wardrobe Budget in 2 Easy Steps

January 5, 2018







Let me introduce you to my favorite winter white pea coat. It's hard to believe that this coat became my favorite even though it was significantly cheaper than the other coats in my closet. I bought this coat from a consignment store a few years back and it taught me a very important lesson in style- Money doesn't determine style, and a good wardrobe can be built on any budget!


When it comes to style I see a common wardrobe problem that many women go through all the time regarding their budget. As you look at your clothes everyday, you know you need a style upgrade but you feel like you can’t afford it; so you keep wearing the same out of style, ill fitting or unflattering clothes for months & years at a time. 

After speaking with countless women who were in this exact situation I know the most discouraging part is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Because, when you have a long list of “needs” in your wardrobe & you know your budget is small,  its hard to imagine there's a realistic solution. If this is you, keep reading because I have a two step plan that will get you to your ideal wardrobe with reasonable resources.


To solve this problem it really comes down to prioritizing your needs & breaking down your budget. 


Here’s the 2 step solution to help this wardrobe fiasco. 


1.  Make a list of the the TOP 10 items you need. Your list can be 10 pairs of pants if you desperately need new pants' or your list can be 1 coat, 4 shirts and 5 dresses. It doesn’t matter, just make your list of 10 clothing items & put them in order of priority. This step will help you concentrate on your needs instead of your wants. Think of the items you desperately need in your wardrobe, not the things you just would like to have in your wardrobe. 



2. Decide a specific amount of money you can afford to set aside each time you get paid.

This step will require you to look a little closer at your budget. Each time you get paid, a certain amount will be used to tackle the absolute need list you made from number 1. Each time you get paid  you will use the designated amount you chose  to buy an item/s from the list.  Any amount is OK & your budget will depend on how much you can designate towards your list. Once you come up with a realistic amount you can pull this amount each time you get paid & start purchasing items off your top 10. Anywhere from $25-$100 is a good place to start. The smaller the amount you choose the longer it will take you to purchase all 10 things.


For example. If you can only afford to pull $25  each time you get paid, you may be working your list of top 10 for several months. If you can afford $100 per pay you may be able to purchase all the items on your list within a month or two. Also, if you’re only able to designate a small amount, discount stores, thrift stores or consignment stores may be the best place for you to shop versus big brand stores at the mall. 


This process can be done over & over again until your wardrobe reaches a place you’re satisfied with. By using these 2 steps you break your wardrobe & budget into pieces which gives you more realistic goals & a quicker outcome. Hope these tips help! Let me know you thoughts on this in the comments. 


Remember to save money, in style




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