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December 5, 2018

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Finding My Way In Fashion (a birthday post)

May 30, 2018



Have you ever heard of a brain dump? You know, those times when you put all your thoughts down on paper in an organized mess? Well, this is kind of that, but more organized & fashion themed. I figured my birthday was a good time to drop some fashion jewels, random musings & lessons I’ve learned over the past year. Here’s 10 things I’ve learned while finding my way in fashion in the last 365 days... 

1. As you get older your body does change & it’s ok if your style does too.

I used to think that your style stayed with you for life. But I learned, some people with always be drawn to classic or eccentric style, but if your body changes cause you to alter your fashion choices that perfectly normal & acceptable.

2. I’ve become statement earring obsessed & here’s why...

lately my favorite accessory is statement earrings because it’s the easiest way to add big style with minimal effort. Statement earrings totally change your look & I especially love them when it’s a ponytail/bad hair day. Get some statement earrings & pair ur with lipstick to see how it totally transforms your look. You can thank me later. 


3. Fun fact- can you believe the clutch I used in these pictures was actually a case to hold body splash?

Yep, a few years ago I got a collection of body splashes from victoria secret that came in this cute little zip pouch. Because the color was so cute, I thought I could use it as a clutch so I kept it. 2 years later I bought the ASOS sling back heels & realized they matched perfectly! When I talk about getting creative with your wardrobe, I actually practice what I preach! 

4. Take my advice about the full length mirror, when I don’t I regret it every time!

One of my best style rules is get a full length mirror & look in it everyday before you leave the house. This will help you edit your outfit & make sure the clothes you placed together in your head actually look good as a whole. It’s important you see what everyone else sees when you walk into a room. But, theres been a few days when I was running out the house, late for work that I didn’t do this myself & I absolutely regretted it every time. The full length mirror is a life & style saver! Use it daily. 


5. Confession- I don’t have time to read my favorite fashion magazines & it shows in my creativity.

I have subscriptions to my favorite fashion mags but lately I haven’t been able to read them much. Seems like magazines are just entertainment but I find that when I make time to read them I’m way more creative with my outfits. This goes to show that seeing great fashion can really inspire you to dress better yourself. If you don’t already, get a subscription to a good style magazine, it will help influence your wardrobe for the better.

6. My undergarment appreciation has gone up in the past year.

Undergarments are so important, and my two undergarment necessities within the last year are la senza ( because they have great underwear sales), & purchasing a handful of nude bras ( because there’s nothing more embarrassing then having a white shirt & a red bra underneath that everyone can see). 



7. I can’t wear heels all day like I used to 😳 so I appreciate cute & comfortable heels & cute flats.

Ugh, I hate this confession, but it’s true. I remember wearing high heels for 8 hours a day with no care in the world, but times have changed. If you’re a part of The Savvy Shopping List I’ve introduced you to a few brands that have both cute & comfortable heels, these have been a style saver for me as I realize all day high heels are not an option like they used to be. 


8. The blog...

the state of the blog & where it’s going has recently been a hot topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot. I think I’ll always keep blogging but there’s been a lot of talk in the blogging world about if blogs are still needed? Or if people really read them anymore? Sometimes I’m really not sure myself. But regardless of if the blog takes a change my instagram is my main fashion outlet. I post on there a few times a week if you’re not following already click here & I’ll always keep you updated about where the blogs going in the future. 

9. I’ve learned I gravitate to certain fashion categories which is very interesting.

After organizing & cleaning my wardrobe I started to notice trends of multiple items I’d bought in the same category- ex. Statement earrings, stripes, checkered shirts, high waist jeans, metallic shoes etc., etc., etc., these were all things I loved because they fit my style, lifestyle & body type. Take a look at your wardrobe & see if you notice any trends about what you (often subconsciously) pick when you go shopping. 

10. Fashion is a brutal business but I’m committed to my mission- helping you to look good, feel confident & dress stylish all while saving money.

Which is why I created The Savvy Shopping List. Yes, you have to become a member to get the perks but the benefits far exceed the $5 monthly fee. Fashion coupons, new stores to shop at & shopping advice is so worth $1.25 per email. As I often say, the monthly fee is lower than what you spend on your daily coffee fix, so make sure you sign up here

So there you have it, my fashion brain dump. Hope this helped you, inspired you, or just gave you a little peek into my fashion brain. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on my Instagram page




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